Is it odd they weren't nominated for any vma? from Anonymous




we’ve already discussed this….when your team does absolutely nothing to put your name out there or promote your album, when your music video director blatantly plagarizes another band’s video (you and i/clubfeet), and when you don’t do any interviews or go on any shows, you become less and less relevant. 

so no…not all that odd given the circumstances

Okay, so this? THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS. ANYONE can get a VMA nomination, but the biggest band in the world right now can’t???

I’m sorry, but I see people suggest that perhaps Modest aren’t all that terrible, because after all, the boys are all famous and rich and the tour is pretty much sold out, right?

Wrong. This total lack of anything that could remotely resemble pr is going to fuck them in the end. 

The VMAs are low-hanging fruit; getting the boys a nomination, especially given Story Of My Life had a video that people really enjoyed, should have been childs-play. Failing to have any basic representation at an a big industry event (especially at an event which is the equivalent of a youth fun-run where everyone gets a prize for attendance) is a pretty fucking spectacular fail and it’s as good as announcing to the entire music industry “we’re not relevant” 

I am ANGRY about this, this is professionally negligence. This is inexcusableIt doesn’t matter how successful someone is, you don’t stop promoting them, or they just disappear. That’s how the entertainment industry works. Hell, that’s how everything  works. Do you know how much money Coke and McDonalds spend on advertising? And it’s to stay number 1 in their industry. Brand and celebrity profiles are like sharks; they have to keep moving or they die.

Modest are failing on all  fronts - they won’t level up and let the boys aim for the target audience that actually suits their current age and sound, but they won’t bother to do the sort of promo that appeals to their younger fans (like, you know, interviews and music videos and award show performances/red carpets) outside of slinging cookies and perfume to the tween market. 

So instead they’re doing… pretty much nothing. They’re not doing a damn thing to attract new fans, young or old, but they sure are doing plenty to drive existing fans away. We’ve now heard multiple accounts of them deliberately diverting industry attention away from 1D and towards 5SOS. Slowly, but surely they are suffocating the band and the fandom. 

So I’m calling you out, Modest: You are SHIT. You are BARELY EVEN TRYING and you are ACTIVELY CAUSING HARM TO THEIR CAREERS. The day the boys announce that they’re signing with a new management team, I’m going to throw a freaking parade because you are all fucking terrible at your jobs.